64bit Analog Synth: Lokomotiv by Archetype Instruments

8-voices retro synth developed by Archetype Instruments, with a powerful sound. It features 1 osc, 1 filter with drive, 1 LFO and comes with 64 presets.

Main Features:

Lokomotiv is an analog retro synthesizer.

Lokomotiv is designed to make your sounds more powerful and create wide range of sounds way easier.


Mathematically generated high definition Oscillator without using wavetable or interpolation.
Silky smooth 9 X detuned sawtooth wave.
Pulse wave with self PWM.
Shape morphing sub oscillator.


MG ladder modeling multimode filter featured Zero Delay Feedback technology.
Routable filter Drive. (Pre / Post).


Natural Curved ADSR Envelope generator.
Oneshot LFO which can be used as envelope.


1 X OSC (Saw+ Pulse) + 1 Sub OSC. Noise Generator.
1 X multimode Filter with Drive.
1 X LFO, 1 X Envelop8 Generator.
8 polyphonic voices, Mono and Legato mode supported.
64 Factory preset included.
Native 64-bit, Mac and Windows OS supported.

32 bit
64 bit

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Download for free Lokomotiv from the developer's website - Archetype Instruments: http://www.archetype-instruments.com

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