Clap Machine by 99Sounds

Clap Machine provide natural sounding hand claps. Developed by 99Sounds, it provides 4 octaves of clap sounds recorded in different locations and it is available for Windows and OSX.

Main Features:

Clap Machine is based on a collection of natural hand clap samples.

The purpose of Clap Machine is to provide a quick and easy way to add natural sounding claps to your music. The plugin can be used to easily create rhythmic sequences, as well as natural sounding group claps (aka “gang” claps) by playing multiple notes at the same time. Clap Machine features four full octaves of clap sounds which have been recorded in different locations, with variable amounts of natural reverb.

32 bit
64 bit

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Download for free Clap Machine from the developer's website - 99Sounds:

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