Designer Dance FX Audio Samples for Kontakt

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Audio sample file collection for Trance Drum and Bass Psy Trance Techno Chillout Tribal House Breaks Electro House Minimal House Progressive Tech House Funky House FX Deep House Audio Productions and available in NNXT – EXS – Wav – Kontakt – Halion – SFZ formats.

Title: Designer Dance FX (distributed by Loopmasters)

This fully formed collection of elegant sounds has been created for Producers looking for the Perfect Impacts, Bleeps, Rises, Drones, Echoes, Gated Sonics, Transitional Tones and Uplifters; which together creates what we think will soon be considered the “Ultimate Dance FX Collection”for all modern music genres.

Top DJ and Producer Reviews

This sound library has been reviewed by iLs , Timo Garcia , Celt Islam , Subterra , Axel Karakasis , Tom Middleton , Trafik , Adam White , MJ Cole , My Digital Enemy , Faze Action , High Rankin , Warren Clarke , Dom Kane , Luke Porter , Stu Hirst , Yves Eaux , DJ Exacta , Davide Carbone and Thomas Gold .

iLs » Rating: 9/10  

There is enough unique content and some powerful stabs etc that make this pack well worth having!.

Timo Garcia » Rating: 8/10  

with this sample pack you can really add the icing and the glacé cherry to the cake!.

Celt Islam » Rating: 10/10  

I strongly recomend this for any serious musician and DJ.

Subterra » Rating: 8/10  

Really liking this sample pack for its clarity, all the sounds are pristine quality and really full sounding.

Axel Karakasis » Rating: 9/10  

Some great sounds fx here, this pack inspired me a lot!!!.

Tom Middleton » Rating: 8/10  

First rate collection of highly useable full frequency range sonic conjunctions to fill the spaces, merge the sections and enhance your productions from the dancefloor to the cinema.

Trafik » Rating: 10/10  

Some seriously nice bits of noise.

Adam White » Rating: 10/10  

you won't be disappointed.

MJ Cole » Rating: 8/10  

Well recorded and categorised.

My Digital Enemy » Rating: 9/10  

Covers all bases for FX sounds for all types of electronic productions.

Faze Action » Rating: 7/10  

This sample pack will do exactly what it says it will do It will help you deliver those hands in the air moments in your tracks that you need to get people excited about your music!.

High Rankin » Rating: 9/10  

Another solid release from the loopmasters team.

Warren Clarke » Rating: 9/10  

A unique set of well thought out samples dedicated all to Fx.

Dom Kane » Rating: 10/10  


Luke Porter » Rating: 8/10  

If you are looking to pad out a track with some interesting FX or want to find some inspiration in some new stabs or sounds, this pack contains plenty of gems.

Stu Hirst » Rating: 10/10  

One of the hardest tasks a producer has is finding or creating those subtle FX which complete tracks – this pack has a superb large array of sweeps, wooshes, hits etc – useful for ANY style of music.

Yves Eaux » Rating: 8/10  

Useful stuff.

DJ Exacta » Rating: 8/10  

Comes with an abundance of effects loops for getting in and out of your breaks the right way.

Davide Carbone » Rating: 9/10  

Loopmasters have done a fantastic job saving us producers hours and hours of work.

Thomas Gold » Rating: 9/10  

comprehensive and fresh – some sounds went directly into a new remix I'm working on.

Music Magazines Reviews

This title has been reviewed by Wusik.


DDFX is a cool way to spice up your dance tracks.

Sample Pack and Download Information

High Quality Sounds (24 Bit)
1.3GB Content
22 Bleep FX
6 Chord Gate FX
43 CyMB Downloadal FX
38 DownShifter FX
45 Drones And Tones
40 Echo FX
24 Gate FX
29 Hits and Stabs
56 Impact Hits
40 Noise FX
16 Reverse FX
65 Rise FX
8 Sirens
11 Sub Drops
93 Transition FX
41 Uplifter FX
6 Vox Builder FX
43 CyMB Downloadal fx
40 Noise Fx
16 Reverse Fx
45 Drones and Tones
29 Hits and Stabs
56 Impacts
6 Chords Gates
24 Gate Fx
8 Sirens
11 Sub Drops
6 Vox Builders
65 Rise Fx
22 Bleeps
40 Eko Fx
93 Transitional Fx
38 Down Shifters
41 Uplifters
Risers Only  » £ 8.95
Transitions Bleeps Ekos Only  » £ 7.95
Crashes Noise Reverse Only  » £ 7.95
Drones Tones Stabs Impacts Only  » £ 7.95
Gates Vox Subs Sirens Only  » £ 7.95
Ups Downs Only  » £ 7.95
ZIP (main)  » £ 39.95

Physical Support

Only Digital Download – CD / DVD is not available

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