ELS Vocoder VST, AU, RTAS plugin for windows and mac updated to version 1.6


Coming in VST, AU and RTAS plugin formats for Windows and Mac OS X, the ELS Vocoder from Eiosis faithfully reproduces that clear and organic vintage analog vocoder sounds which have been used by many artists in the electronic music history.
The new 1.6 version features two interfaces sizes : the normal one, and another one with a reduced height, to fit into laptop screen resolutions.
It also includes a wide range of rare and new features, which makes it unique, powerful and simple to use. A Sidechain plugin allows to route any track (i.e. an external input in addition to the internal oscillator) to the ELS Vocoder in a simple and efficient way. You can have up to 3 stereo inputs without the need for complex routing manipulations or multichannel busses.

Most notable features:
-Standard vocoder features : pitch tracker, voiced/unvoiced detector, two VCOs, two LFOs, noise generator, etc..
-Several aliasing free waveforms : saw, square, triangle, sine, mutlipulse with pulse width and FM modulation
-Formant matrix
-Frequency shifter, with modulation capabilities from the pitch tracker

Pricing is set to 220 euro. A demo and the user manual are available for download at Eiosis website, while some audio demos are posted here.

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