Free sub-bass and sub-kick drum synth – vst instrument for Windows


A free plugin in vst format for Windows, useful for sure for whom interested in electronic music production, developed with Synthedit and available for download fro de la Mancha.
Subatomic (sub-bass drum synth) generates a pure sinusoidal wave and allow to easily obtain the tipical sound of a deep bass – or sub kick like a roland 808.
Just be sure to play this vst instrument in the right low octave, or what you will obtain will be more similara to a bell than a wrecking bass.
Subatomic features:
– pure sinewave oscillator
– volume decay and pitch decay envelopes
– variable pitch drop
– six different vol / pitch decay shapes (concave, deep concave, linear, convex, S curve, inverted S curve)
– drum mode or synth mode
– Control Change MIDI signal assignable to all available controls
(CC 21 – drum/synth / 22 – decay del volume / 23 – pitch decay / 24 – pitch drop / 25 – tipo di vol/pitch decay)

Click here to download this vst drum synth from de la Mancha.


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