New VST audio plugins – ThrillseekerLA 2012 – compressor / dynamics

A VST digital stereo leveling amplifier plugin with analog qualities. A new release – march 2012. It offers highly program dependent and musical sounding compression behavior and implements a sophisticated non-linear amplifier stage based upon an accurate stateful non-linear model.

The compressor circuit itself avoids distortion in all cases and there is virtually no inter-modulation distortion, resulting in a way  smooth and artifact free gain riding experience. Instead, harmonically related distortion products can be dialed in to taste with the
compressor interstage model. This harmonics generator is based on a non-linearity with memory which enables creamy signal coloration duties. Processed audio becomes alive and vibrant and the subtle detail in depth and spatial imaging is the icing on top.

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Download (a complete manual is included): ThrillseekerLA Compressor

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