Oxe FM Synth by Oxe Software

Multitimbral FM synth with 8 operators, 1 LFO for each channel, half-matrix modulation, reverb and delay effects. Oxe FM is a cpu-friendly instrument by Oxe Software.

Main Features:

Oxe FM Synth is a 8 operators frequency modulation synthesizer.

Multitimbral (16 MIDI channels).
8 operators (6 oscillators, 1 noise generator/limiter, 1 filter), all with envelope.
1 LFO per channel.
Frequency modulation half-matrix with self-modulation.
Global reverb and delay.
Great general performance in low resources systems.
A lot of good quality patches included.
External skin support.

32 bit
64 bit

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Download for free Oxe FM Synth from the developer's website - Oxe Software: http://www.oxesoft.com

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