Tyrell Nexus 6 by u-he

Analog / subtractive synth released by u-he, inspired by Roland’s Juno series, with 2 oscillators, 1 sub-osc, noise generator, a smooth overdrive, a filter that can be fed back, unison mode, LFO-triggered envelopes. Also available for Mac OS X in AU format.

Main Features:

The Tyrell Nexus V2 is a virtual analog synthesizer.

Its features are those that we may expect from a vintage synthesizer like the Juno series from Roland.

Smooth overdrive in the oscillator mixer.
Filter output can be fed back into the mixer.
Unison mode, with voice index modulation source.
Envelopes can be looped or triggered via LFO.
Envelopes retrigger just like classic hardware.

2 Oscillators.
1 Sub-Oscillator.
1 Noise Generator.
1 Ring modulator.
1 Signal feedback.
2 LFOs.
2 ADSR envelopes.
1 Modulation Matrix.

32 bit
64 bit

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Download for free Tyrell Nexus 6 from the developer's website - u-he: http://www.u-he.com

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