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Deejaysystem MKI - a simple Winamp-style player, yet deejay oriented in design and operation. Control layout and operation based upon the popular Denon Dn-2000F CD player.

DJ Workstation - Interesting application. Unluckily the site hasn't been updated for a long time. The DJ-Workstation is an application for stress-free DJing with sound-files (ogg/vorbis, mp3, wave). The main concentration is in the effectivity and stableness not in design or features. The DJ-Workstation software is not a megabyte monster. It is small and fast. No registry entrys were doing an no rubbish will be copied in windows systen directory.

Download this release @ Beatport

Mixvibes free - For personal use. It only supports one soundcard, but it will be a source of great entertainment. It's absolutely no cost, and it has no time limit. Play and Mix up to 2 sound files at the same time.
Sound formats supported: mp3, wma, asf, aiff, midi, au and wav.
Each mixer channel offers controls for equalization, pitch, volume, pan.

Traktor DJ player - unique MP3 and AUDIO-CD Player designed to actively interact with your music. Sharing the same engine as its professional siblings, the Player version of TRAKTOR plays back MP3s, WAVs Audio CDs and DJ Mixes produced with TRAKTOR DJ MIXER and TRAKTOR DJ STUDIO. It's the perfect software tool to share your DJ Mixes with a large audience over the internet.