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In this section of we'd like to build and mantain a comprensive software and production tools resource page, with links for download, articles and reviews.

Roland Juno 60 plugin for cubase: Togu Audio Line presents the U-NO-60: a polyphonic virtual analogue synth VST for windows (for Cubase, Ableton, Fruity Loops and other hosts) with a unique filter sound, designed taking the original Roland Juno 60 as reference. The original Juno60 is a very rich sounding synthesizer and a great analog machine, but it completely lacks MIDI control. Not a problem with this new vst emulation!

Ableton live software: A cute music composition / remixing tool for djs and producers to arrange stuff in real time, producing original and nice-sound music. The idea behind it's quite simple. Providing different tracks you can mess through sound-clips combining them in real time, editing EQ and a bunch of good effects. Featuring a double-view GUI, one looking like "reason" and the other like "cubase", makes it really easy mixing a song in quite a few time, allowing almost all kinds of improvisation.

Software categories:

audio restoration
audio sequencer
computer music live host
ableton live
cubase sx
korg wavestation (legacy collection)
best dj software
fractal music
commercial vst instruments
free vst instruments
commercial vst plugins
free vst plugins gratis
commercial dx plugins
free dx plugins
mastering audio
cd duplication and mastering
mp3 utilities
convert mp3 to wav files
software samplers
standalone synths
tb-303 emulators
spectrum analyzer
wave to midi
delat flanger phaser
vst reverb plugin
guitar amp simulators

24/08/2007 added Free Moog Vsti emulator

17/07/2007 added Free MP3 batch converter If you are looking for a free, good and easy mp3 batch converter, RazorLame is a so-called "front-end" for use with LAME, that is an OPEN SOURCE and great MP3-Encoder: it's very fast, it produces high-quality files, has many advanced features...
17/07/2007 added freeware vst effects - chorus
13/07/2007 added freeware vst eq
13/07/2007 added freeware audio compressors
13/07/2007 added Dsk strings
12/07/2007 added Fragmental multi effect vst
30/05/2007 added Cubase vst download - virtual analog synthesizers
29/05/2007 added Free cubase software to download
16/05/2007 added DJ software to download
15/05/2007 added free vst plugin - theremin
14/05/2007 added free vst reverb - omniverb
14/05/2007 added Deckadance DJ mixing software
01/05/2007 added convertir mp3 en wav la manera simple
30/04/2007 added freie vst plugins für cubase / ableton
25/04/2007 added melhores sintetizadores vst plugins
16/04/2007 added descargar programas dj gratis
12/04/2007 added descargar los mejores vst instrumentos gratuitos
03/03/2006 added Ableton Live review
25/12/2005 added free vst sampler
24/12/2005 added free vst reverb
09/12/2005 added free vsti based on soundfonts
06/12/2005 added Cubase distortion plugins
24/11/2005 added Cubase vst plugins gratuits
18/11/2005 added migliori programmi dj gratis
06/11/2005 added vst plugins gratis
05/11/2005 added convert mp3 to wav
04/11/2005 added best & free tb-303 plugins
28/10/2005 added free vst instruments
25/10/2005 added korg wavestation
12/10/2005 added CD duplication
09/10/2005 added free dj software
09/10/2005 added best free vst instruments

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