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DJ Maurice Noah

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Maurice Noah - Pneumococcus

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Pneumococcus   [free download]

Track: Moonlight Queen MP3 Promo Cut
::Twilight progressive remix [mp3 download]
::Maurice Noah's hypnodelic mix [mp3 download]
::Original vrs [mp3 download ]

Track: Rainbow MP3 Promo Cut
::Twilight progressive remix [mp3 download]
::Original vrs [soon]

Track: Mistral MP3 Promo Cut
::Spacenoah remix [mp3 download]

Track: Belong to you MP3 Promo Cut
::Live @ Street Rave Parade [mp3 downlaod]
::Instrumental [mp3 download]

Track: Sense the Trance MP3 Promo Cut
::Sense the Trance [mp3 download]

Spacenoah è essenzialmente un progetto di musica pop-elettronica e trance, che parte dalla collaborazione fra Maurice Noah, DJ produttore e remixer romano, e Miss Acid Bee da Canbridge (UK)
I 2 si incontrano nel 1999 a Bologna, dove Maurice propone i suoi DJ set in alcuni dei migliori locali della città. Acid Bee suona tastiere, chitarra, arrangia, compone e scrive testi [...]

Spacenoah is essentially a pop-electronic-eurotrance style project, that begins from a fruitful cooperation between Dj Maurice Noah, producer & remixer from Rome, and Miss Acid Bee from Cambridge UK.
They meet in 1999 in Bologna, where Maurice Noah already djs in most of the best clubs around the city. Acid Bee plays the piano, guitar, arranges & composes and gets busy on writing lyrics for the Spacenoah project. Maurice sees this as the key of a successful combination, so proposes her to be 100% involved in his productions and future tracks [...]