Analog Explorer by XTront Professional Audio Loop Files

cover art Analog Explorer by XTront
Audio samples download collection for House Trance Hard Dance Techno Audio – Music Productions and available in Wav – Battery – Kontakt – Acid – NNXT – Reason Refill – Rex2 – Apple Loops – GarageBand formats.

Title: Analog Explorer by XTront (distributed by Loopmasters)

The pack is jammed with over  2 gigs of content in all formats combined.  Analog Explorer was produced by Xtront, a serious  hardware collector and analog gear enthusiast from Germany.  Xtront  has been on the hunt for gear for the last 10 years and it became our mission to bring his massive gear collection and knowledge of equipment to sample pack format.

Top DJ and Producer Reviews

This sound library has been reviewed by Inland Knights and Noisia .

Inland Knights » Rating: 7/10  

great package for a multitude of single hit analogue basses,synths and drum hits.

Noisia » Rating: 7/10  

Meticulously sampled analogue richness.

Music Magazines Reviews

This title has been reviewed by IDJ.


Nothing is overly compressed or processed, which also gives you plenty of freedom.

Sample Pack and Download Information

42 x Vermona – DRM1 MK3 
54 x Dave Smith Instruments – Evolver
34 x Elektron – Machinedrum SPS-1
39 x Analog Modular System 
74 x Elektron – Monomachine SFX-60
168 x Jomox – xBase 999
Formats: WAV/ACID/Appleloops/Rex2
Used Modules: MacBeth, Analogue Systems, Doepfer, Metasonix, Livewire, Bubblesound, 
Cwejman, WMD, Flight of Harmony & Analogue Solutions
25 x Multisamples
Formats: WAV/AIFF/Kontakt3/NN-XT
32 x Basses
10 x Drums 
17 x FX 
16 x Leads
Formats: WAV/AIFF
29 x Atmosphere and Padphere & Pads
89 x Basses
17 x FX  
32 x Keys
47 x Leads
9 Looped xs
46 x Synquences
Formats: WAV/AIFF
19 x Basses
14 x FX
16 x Leads
Formats: WAV/AIFF
616 x Sorted Drumhits
44 x Sorted Drumkits
Formats: WAV/AIFF/Kontakt3/Battery3/NN-XT/Redrum
13 x Atmosphere and Padphere & Pads
6 x Basses
9 x FX
10 x Keys
10 x Leads
Formats: WAV/AIFF
26 x Atmosphere and Padphere & Pads
36 x Basses
8 x Drums
22 x FX
14 x Keys
22 x Leads
25 x Synquences
Formats: WAV/AIFF
46 x Battery 
74 x Kontakt
75 x NN-XT 
10 x Redrum
Wav + Rex2  » £ 35.95
Apple + Rex2  » £ 35.95
Reason 4 Refill  » £ 34.95

Physical Support

Only Digital Download – CD / DVD is not available

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