Jody Wisternoff Progressive and Tech Sylenth Presets

cover art  Jody Wisternoff Progressive and Tech Sylenth Presets
A synth preset collection with MIDI files suitable for House Progressive Electro House Tech House Synths producers and Djs / artists and available in Synth Presets – MIDI Files formats.

Title: Jody Wisternoff Progressive and Tech Sylenth Presets (distributed by Loopmasters)

Each title includes 64 custom made patches and also comes with 64 ready to edit midi files from the packs creators.
Patchworx 01 – Progressive House & Tech for Sylenth, is a collection of Bass, Drums, Lead, Stabs, Pads and Strings for Lennar Digitals famous Sylenth soft synth – and has been put together by none other than one half of Way Out West – Jody Wisternoff.

Top DJ and Producer Reviews

This sound library has been reviewed by Timo Garcia and Marco V .

Timo Garcia » Rating: 10/10  

Total freedom in producing your own sounds out of brand new presets you would never have found without the expertise of such amazing producers such as Jody.

Marco V » Rating: 8/10  

Some very fresh and original patches for Sylenth!.

Sound Presets and Download Information

1 Sylenth Bank File
64 Sylenth Single Presets
64 MIDI Files
10 Bass Presets
2 Clap Presets
5 Hi Hat Presets
3 Kick Drum Presets
3 Snare Presets
1 Tom Presets
10 Lead Synth Presets
10 Pad Presets
10 Stab Synth Presets
10 String Presets
10 Bass
2 Clap
5 Hi Hat
3 Kick Drum
3 Snare
1 Tom
10 Lead Synth
10 Pad
10 Stab Synth
10 String
Lennar Digital Sylenth Presets  » £ 14.95

Physical Support

Only Digital Download – CD / DVD is not available

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