SOR Hats And Tops Vol 1 Studio Samples

cover art SOR Hats And Tops Vol 1
Loops and samples collection to download for Techno House Minimal Trance audio and music producers and available in GarageBand – Apple Loops – Wav – Rex2 – EXS – Stylus RMX – Kontakt formats.

Title: SOR Hats And Tops Vol 1 (distributed by Loopmasters)

1″, distributed through new label Resonance Sound. This collection is loaded with 100 of the tightest, grooviest and most detailed top loops. All four-to-the-floor genres will benefit from this collection, including minimal, electro, trance and house of any flavour. As with all SOR releases, every element was programmed from scratch and expertly tweaked for maximum sonic integrity.


Top DJ and Producer Reviews

This sound library has been reviewed by Yves Eaux and Prok & Fitch .

Yves Eaux » Rating: 8/10
All loops are tight, crispy and burst of energy.


Prok & Fitch » Rating: 9/10


Essential ‘Top’ material for anyone making house music.

Music Magazines Reviews

This title has been reviewed by IDJ.



Nothing is overly compressed or processed, which also gives you plenty of freedom.

Sample Pack and Download Information

High Quality Sounds (24 Bit)
280MB Download
100 Looped Hats and Topss
100 Looped REX2s
100 Looped Apples
Soft Sampler patches for EXS24 and Kontakt4
ZIP (main)  » £ 10.95

Physical Support

Only Digital Download – CD / DVD is not available

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