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cover art The Nextmen Hip Hop and Electronica
Top audio samples download collection suitable for Dub Hip-Hop Downtempo Soul Music Productions and available in Ableton Live Pack – Stylus RMX – Acid – Rex2 – Halion – GarageBand – Reason Refill – Wav – Kontakt – NNXT – Apple Loops – Ableton Live Presets – SFZ – EXS – CD-DVD formats.

Title: The Nextmen Hip Hop and Electronica (distributed by Loopmasters)

You may have heard of The Nextmen. In fact, unless you’ve been captive in Guantanamo Bay for the most of the Noughties, we’d wager you’d definitely heard of them and more than likely witnessed them at one of their many festival-stopping summer performances or heard their incendiary mixtapes on the neighbourhood ghetto blaster.

Top DJ and Producer Reviews

This sound library has been reviewed by Nick Thayer .

Nick Thayer » Rating: 8/10  

From the crisp UK hip hop through to gritty dancehall, I loved that I could just drag and drop these beats and that was the job done.

Music Magazines Reviews

This title has been reviewed by Future Music, iDJ, Computer Music and Music Tech.

Future Music

Every popular format’s catered for and it’s all easy to fit in a variety of production styles and different tracks Rating: 8/10.


Drum loops, basslines, scratches, bass sounds, music loops, bass pads and some serious FX are just the start of this vibrant collection of samples that stretch the most disparate of tempos All producers can benefit from a sample pack like this… Miss this one at your peril!.

Computer Music

There are loops as well as one-shots, and the quality throughout is truly outstanding If you’re working on virtually any form of music that requires a thick, groovy sound, you’d be a fool not to pick this up!   Verdict: 10/10         .

Music Tech

Verdict: Heavyweight sounds produced so as to be brilliantly fit for purpose, but a little light in content Rating: 8/10    .

Sample Pack and Download Information

65 Drumloops
35 Basslines
14 Scratches
65 Music Loops
46 Bass Sounds
12 Bass Pads
120 Single drums
20 FX
120 Instrument sounds.
Apple Loops  » £ 29.95
Ableton Sample Pack 7+  » £ 34.95
Reason 4 Refill  » £ 34.95
ZIP (main)  » £ 34.95
CD / DVD Incl. instant DL  » £ 39.95

Physical Support

CD / DVD available: Yes

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