Best Free 64 bit VST/AU Drum Machines, Drum and Percussion Kits

Clog Boxes by Alan ViSTa

Woodblock set with 2 velocity layers and reverb effect developed by Alan ViSTa, also availble as Audio Unit for OS X.

Bassdrum Murda by DistoCore

Bass Drum / Kick generator suitable for hard electronic music, with 3 osc, filter, ring modulator and a powerful distrortion unit. It comes with 45 ready-to-use presets.

Drum Pro by StudioLinked

Drum Pro includes 20 vintage drum kits, each one with 12 assigned pads with autonome volume and pan control. It is released StudioLinked.

Clap Machine by 99Sounds

Clap Machine provide natural sounding hand claps. Developed by 99Sounds, it provides 4 octaves of clap sounds recorded in different locations and it is available for Windows and OSX.

VibroMaster by Alan ViSTa

Vibraphone released bu Alan ViSTa. The instrument is based on 42 stereo samples from the public domain library of University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios.

Royotoms by Alan ViSTa

Rototoms set release by Alan ViSTa, with intonation based on Pink Floyd’s song “Time”. The set include 48 mono samples + 48 stereo samples with reverb.

Sean Pandy Drums by Chokehold

Acoustic drum kit with Kick, Sub Blower, Snare, Toms released by Chokehold. Each sound is mapped after the General MIDI standard.

Chau Gongs by Alan ViSTa

Chinese gongs is an instrument, based on samples, by Alab ViSTa that includes 3 Tamtam and 1 Wind gongs with release, volume, pand controls for each gong.

Black Noh Snare by Chokehold

Bright acoustic snare drums with 9 velocity layer, each one with 8 random-robin samples that allow to avoid the unnatural machine-gun effect. All samples are recorded with hi-quality microphone. Developer: Chokehold.

Clavestinas by Alan ViSTa

VST Claves set base on samples with pam, volume controls and reverb release by Alan ViSTa, also available as Audio Unit.

Cymbalistic by Alan ViSTa

Cymbals set based on 68 stereo samples, with 4 stereo outputs.. Cymbalistic includes hi-hat, ride, crashes, chinese cymbals. It is made available by Alab ViSTa in VST and AU format.