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A great audio samples collection suitable for Minimal Techno Tech House Trance Progressive Electro House House Drums audio and music producers and available in Battery – Ableton Live Presets – SFZ – GarageBand – NNXT – Ableton Live Pack – Kontakt – Halion – Wav – EXS formats.

Title: Drum Tools 01 (distributed by Loopmasters)

Drum Tools 01 by Wave Alchemy offers over 1900 exquisitely produced electronic drum samples. All sounds in the collection have been built from the ground up using a jaw-dropping array of analogue circuitry and exclusive high-end outboard gear. Great care has been taken to capture the tone / vibe and warmth of the equipment used and all sample editing and file naming has been done by hand for maximum precision.

Top DJ and Producer Reviews

This sound library has been reviewed by Tom Middleton , DJ Krust , Halo/City Deep Music , Dom Kane and Untold .

Tom Middleton » Rating: 10/10  

If you don't own this you should Essential!.

DJ Krust » Rating: 10/10  

Drum tools did that for me Looking forward to part two.

Halo/City Deep Music » Rating: 9/10  

top notch loops & drum kits that will add that perfect color to your final production mix.

Dom Kane » Rating: 10/10  

Excellent work!.

Untold » Rating: 8/10  

Great collection of processed drum machine samples, all nicely recorded with consistent levels and no hiss or nasty resonant frequencies.

Music Magazines Reviews

This title has been reviewed by Computer Music, Music Tech and Future Music.

Computer Music

However, this set sounds brilliant and serves as a fresh, up-to-date library for those making electronic music”   Verdict: 10/10    .

Music Tech

But for those who can, Wave Alchemy has crafted an immense library of both solid and original drum sounds that are relevant for all styles of electronic music, not just minimal   Verdict: An immense collection of finely crafted electronic drum samples!    .

Future Music

It’s clear that the Wave Alchemy boys have put some serious effort into the creation of Drum Tools 01 and as a result it comes highly recommended for producers of all electronic genres Verdict: 9/10.

Sample Pack and Download Information

1950 drums
472 kick drums
251 snare drums
594 percussions
125 claps and snaps
141 hi-hat and noise samples
75 glitch shots
62 minimal stabs and chord hits
88 sound effects
26 crash cymbals
58 drum tools
13 drum kits for Battery, Kontakt, Reason NNXT, HALion, EXS24 and SFZ
42 bonus TB-303 licks
ZIP (main)  » £ 39.95
CD / DVD Incl. instant DL  » £ 44.95

Download: Drum Tools 01

Physical Support

CD / DVD available: Yes

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