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Audio Samples for music production for Percussion Tribal House Drums music producers and available in EXS – Apple Loops – Kontakt – Stylus RMX – SFZ – Wav – Reason Refill – Halion – Audio – Rex2 – CD-DVD – Acid – NNXT formats.

Title: Percussionism (distributed by Loopmasters)

Whether you need a funky shaker groove, Latin Rhythms, some African drums, or some technoize to skim over the top of your tracks – Percussionism has the right samples for your productions. There are full percussion mixes, fx mixes and individual loops of all drums and percussion included in the full mixes for tempos ranging from 60Bpm to 160 Bpm.

Top DJ and Producer Reviews

This sound library has been reviewed by Meat Katie , High Rankin , DJ Exacta and Nick Thayer .

Meat Katie » Rating: 8/10  

I think where Percussionism comes into its own is the single hits section, I can imagine i will be using this pack on a day to day basis more than most!.

High Rankin » Rating: 8/10  

Pretty much everything you need to make your own live sounding loops.

DJ Exacta » Rating: 9/10  

Great release here with Percussionism.

Nick Thayer » Rating: 8/10  

Once again Loopmasters delivers an easy to use sample pack jammed full of useful sounds and loops.

Music Magazines Reviews

This title has been reviewed by SOS and Music Tech.


This one minor criticism aside, Percussionism is a job very well done and, for a single CD, packs in plenty of content Good value, good quality, and inspiring — now that can’t be bad can it? John Walden 5 STARS.

Music Tech

Buy with confidence 8/10.

Sample Pack and Download Information

Over 2,500 superbly recorded and played percussions
550 Rex2 loops
1,300(!) single hit sounds
650 Wav files
Instruments include TaMB Downloadourine, Shakers, Gongs, Talking Drums, Congas, Bongos, Wind chimes, Spring Drums, Bells, Bass Drums, BeriMB Downloadau, DjeMB Downloade, Bougaraboo, Bendir, Bodrahn, CyMB Downloadals, Tabla, Blocks, Triangle, Sudo, Snares, and many more!
BPM Range: 60-160
Reason Refill  » £ 24.95
Apple Loops  » £ 24.95
ZIP (main)  » £ 24.95
CD / DVD Incl. instant DL  » £ 24.95

Download: Percussionism

Physical Support

CD / DVD available: Yes

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