Binaural beats generator free download – AU VST plugin for Mac

Binaural Beat Generator is an AU and VST audio plugin for Mac for producing binaural beats.

Main Features:
4 Waveshapes, White & Pink Noise, Realtime Visual Waveform Representation, Tempo Sync.

What are binaural beats? Effect discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, Binaural tones / beats are auditory processing artifacts, or apparent sounds, the perception of which arises in the brain for specific physical stimuli. Claims are being made in that binaural tones could help induce relaxation and other desirable mental states. The effect on the brainwaves depends on the difference in frequencies of each tone, for example, if 300 Hz was played in one ear and 310 in the other, then the binaural beat would have a frequency of 10 Hz.

Dowload for free:

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