Cyclone by Sonic Charge

Yamaha TX16W virtual emulation developed by Sonic Charge and available as VST and Audio Unit. It sounds like the real machine.

Main Features:

Cyclone is a true low-level hardware emulator of the 12-bit Yamaha TX16W sampler.

It simulates all the important circuits of the Yamaha TX16W, including the main 68000 CPU, the proprietary Yamaha DSP circuits, the 12-bit sample memory and the 400kHz non-linear DACs. Cyclone not only looks like a real TX16W, it sounds like a real TX16W and it runs the exact same software as a real TX16W.

To get started and download some sounds disk images, please read the FAQ.

32 bit
64 bit

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Download for free Cyclone from the developer's website - Sonic Charge:

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