Dance Vocals Toolkit Vol.1 Professional Samples Download

cover art Dance Vocals Toolkit Vol.1
A great audio samples collection for Techno House FX Vocals Tech House music producers and available in Wav – Ableton Live Pack – GarageBand – Apple Loops – Ableton Live Presets formats.

Title: Dance Vocals Toolkit Vol.1 (distributed by Loopmasters)

More than 1000 loops and one-shot cuts, stabs and FX: a diverse spread of rhythmic vocal grooves, manipulated vox and otherworldly voices for you to get ultra- creative with. Loops move from 2 to 16 bars in length, with single, double and group voices represented, all at a standard 128BPM. Many feature several rhythmic and/or FX changes for multiple, flexible uses.

Top DJ and Producer Reviews

This sound library has been reviewed by Yves Eaux , Max Cooper , Prok & Fitch , Flash Brothers and Chase Buch .

Yves Eaux » Rating: 8/10  

Cut em, slice em, chop em or just simply use them.

Max Cooper » Rating: 7/10  

I searched for vocals, downloaded the pack which came ready to go in Ableton, and within minutes had a library of quality samples ready to go.

Prok & Fitch » Rating: 9/10  

Great variety for different genres and really well recorded Great work!!.

Flash Brothers » Rating: 8/10  

Very cool vocals cut, vocodered, effected, slashed & dashed into a fresh package of useful vox parts!.

Chase Buch » Rating: 8/10  

Quality of the loops are pretty amazing.

Sample Pack and Download Information

High Quality Sounds (24 Bit)
1050 Loops and Samples
Over 20 Contributing Vocalists
300s Looped
750 Vox Shots, Phrases and FX
175 Female Vox Loops
95 Looped Male Voxs
30 Looped Mixed Phrases
200 Female Vox Shots
100 Female Vox FX
50 Breath Noises
15 DJ FX
60 Dry Adlibs
50 Male Vox Shots
75 Male Vox FX
60 Mixed Words and Phrases
50 Verb Vox
50 Yeahs, Yahs, and Yups
40 Vocoded Shots
Compatible with LIVE 8.2+
1050 Wav Loop and Sample Clips
15 Sampler based Vox Remix Racks
Ableton Sample Pack 8.2+  » £ 29.95
Apple Loops  » £ 29.95
ZIP (main)  » £ 29.95

Physical Support

Only Digital Download – CD / DVD is not available

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