Easy-NY 1.2 compressor fx for Parallel Compression (New York) effect – free download


Terry West Plugins has released for download version 1.2 of their free VST plugin for Windows Easy-NY, an effect that provides the famous “Parallel Compression” (New York) effect.
In this update, Mix acts from OFF to Max effect

Parallel compression, usually used on drums, is a technique used in mixing achieved by mixing a dry or slightly compressed signal with a heavily compressed identical signal, in order to maintain the characteristics of a performance while stabilizing the dynamics.
Also known as New York compression effect, it can also add a pump or breathe character to the processed sound.

Easy-NY 1.2 compressor features:
Dry/Wet dial, Volume dial, Special Motown EQ effect for vocals + boost, Global bypass, Stereo and mono versions.

Visit Terry West Plugins in order to download this VST.

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