An epic bass synth for house, dubstep, trance and drum&bass productions

A Bass VST for House, Electro, Progressive, DubStep

Basstard is a monophonic and subtractive VST synthesizer for Windows with 2 oscillators, developed by Hawk VST, that is very simple to program and that emits low frequency “screams” particularly suitables for genres such as House, Progressive, Techno, Dubstep, Trance and Psy – Trance, Drum & Bass . All the main parameters of Basstard have MIDI Learn functionality (via the right mouse button).


2 oscillators that help you create almost endless combinations of waveforms;
Low-pass filter “Moog” style + another filter with a variable selection of filter types, which you can also control via keyboard note tracking;
Filter Envelope that can also functions as LFO modulator ;
Parametric Equalizer with audio spectrum analysis ;
Transient Shaper ;
Dual Band Compressor



Click here to download BassTard VST Synth for free (Windows only)

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