Fistful Of Drummers Audio Loops

cover art Fistful Of Drummers
Audio Samples for music production for Breaks Hip-Hop Soul Drums Funk Downtempo audio and music producers and available in Multitrack formats.

Title: Fistful Of Drummers (distributed by Loopmasters)

Featuring Nasser Bouzida from the cult Blow Up recording stable and Jim the Lick Kelly with guest appearances from Style Scott and Jan Kincaid from the Brand New Heavies. Fistful of Drummers contains 36 classic drum tracks in multi-track format supplied with tempo-mapped ProTools LE, Logic 6 and Cubase SE session files.

Top DJ and Producer Reviews

This sound library has been reviewed by Fred Everything .

Fred Everything » Rating: 8/10  

Well produced and performed beats constructed and deconstructed.

Sample Pack and Download Information

9 Download packs
High Quality Sounds (24 Bit)
Drums Only in this pack
Separate tracks for each instrument
Preview Samples
Maximum Flexibility
Works with all modern music software
Tempo Map and MIDI Files 
Multi Track Pack1  » £ 14.95
Multi Track Pack2  » £ 14.95
Multi Track Pack3  » £ 14.95
Multi Track Pack4  » £ 14.95
Multi Track Pack5  » £ 14.95
Multi Track Pack6  » £ 14.95
Multi Track Pack7  » £ 14.95
Multi Track Pack8  » £ 14.95
Multi Track Pack9  » £ 14.95

Physical Support

Only Digital Download – CD / DVD is not available

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