Gravel by Taiga dsp

VST with bitcrusher / distortion / env follower, developed by Taiga dsp.

Main Features:

Gravel combines 3 types of distortion with an envelope follower that can be used as a modulation source, giving the effects amplitude-driven dynamic characteristics.

Perfect for lo-fi effects, powerful percussions and some interesting modulated crankiness.

Smooth, non-integer Bit Depth reduction, from 1 to 24-bit.
Powerful Drive, with hard clipping.
Sample rate reduction.
Envelope follower with attack and release settings, going from 1 to 5000 ms.
All the above effects are positively and negatively modulatable by the envelope follower, plus an additional mod knob for the audio input.

32 bit
64 bit

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Download for free Gravel from the developer's website - Taiga dsp:

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