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cover art Laya Project
Audio Samples for music production for Downtempo Cinematic Percussion Vocals Chillout Ambient audio and music producers and available in Wav formats.

Title: Laya Project (distributed by Loopmasters)

The Laya Project – Producer Collection contains authentic and organic folk instruments and vocals, recorded in the remote villages of Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka and Maldives using warm Neve and SSL preamps and Neumann vintage tube mics. Without any digital inputs, the Laya Project – Producer Collection is a boutique collection of acoustic ethnic samples and loops, and astonishing vocals in different languages.

Top DJ and Producer Reviews

This sound library has been reviewed by Lenny Dee and My Digital Enemy .

Lenny Dee » Rating: 9/10  

The Laya Project is a seductive selection of really well recorded sounds, long stems and loops from all over the globe which i found to be quite impressive.

My Digital Enemy » Rating: 10/10  

Overall great sample pack to inject some of that ethnic sound into your productions whatever genre you produce.

Sample Pack and Download Information

High Quality Sounds (24 Bit)
288 Loops from India, instruments include Dholak, dilruba, Dukithir Frame Drum, Khanjira, Morsing, Shaker , Strings, Tabla, Tavil Veena, Violin, Vocals and More!
95 Loops from Indonesia: instruments include Didong, Flutes, Geundrang, Rapai Vocals and more!!
34 Loops from Maldives, instruments include Chellangai, Dholak, DjeMB Downloade, Shaker, Thalam, vocals and more!
148 Loops from Myanmar, instruments include Gong, Harps, Monks, Vocals and more!
87 Loops from Srilanka, instruments include: Bells, chants, children singing, Dholki, Flute, Tabla, Veena, Violin, Vocals and more!
72 Loops from Thailand: instruments include Bells, Cluican, Gong, KhongWongYaipat, Kihim, Ping Mandolin, Vocals and more!
24 Raw FX and aMB Downloadiences
312MB Download
6 Laya Project Videos from India, Indonisia, Maldives, Myanmar, Srilanka and Thailand
ZIP (main)  » £ 34.95

Download: Laya Project

Physical Support

Only Digital Download – CD / DVD is not available

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