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Audio files and loops samples for Drums Rock Guitars Music Productions and available in Reason Refill – Stylus RMX – Wav – Acid – Rex2 – Kontakt – NNXT – Audio – EXS – CD-DVD – SFZ – Halion formats.

Title: Raw Power (distributed by Loopmasters)

The Rocking sounds of London ’77 meet the grimey east coast sounds of ‘78 to the Britpop explosion of ’94 and through to the alternative and Nu-metal of the 21st Century, with everything sampled exquisitely through the most authentic equipment available. Featuring over 1500 copyright free Rock samples of Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths, Vocals and FX in a host of styles and tempos, categorised in folders such as New York Underground, Alternative USA, England’s Dreaming, Artskool, and New Wave – Raw Power is a sample collection like no other currently available.

Top DJ and Producer Reviews

This sound library has been reviewed by D Ramirez and High Rankin .

D Ramirez » Rating: 8/10  

This is an awesome collection of in your loops, guitar licks, stabs, distorted and raw synth lines and phat drums for when you are looking for something meaty and out of the box to add to your productions!.

High Rankin » Rating: 7/10  

A pleasant surprise, wasn't sure what to expect, but some really cool stuff hiding in here, particularly some of the guitar licks and synth lines, great for dubstep, dnb and breaks productions.

Music Magazines Reviews

This title has been reviewed by CM, Music Tech and SOS.


Anybody in almost in any genre with an ounce of funk or imagination in their blood should take a look at this superb and original collection 5/5.

Music Tech

A well-produced, value-for-money rock sample cd.


Still, if you like your rock to have character and a rough edge or two, Raw Power represents good value for money 4 STARS.

Sample Pack and Download Information

Over 1500 copyright free rock samples
900 Wav files
750 Sampled Rex2s
200 Single hits
22 Patches
BPM Range: 120-145
Apple Loops  » £ 24.95
Reason Refill  » £ 24.95
ZIP (main)  » £ 24.95
CD / DVD Incl. instant DL  » £ 24.95

Download: Raw Power

Physical Support

CD / DVD available: Yes

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