VST AU Linear Phase Equalizer for Mac and Windows – SplineEQ plugin download

Designed to be simple and flexible, SplineEQ offers a better sound quality than the more common minimum phase equalizers by not affecting the phase of sound, only the intensity of frequencies, which makes it easier to achieve good sounding results.Cool Gui. No sound artifacts. It can introduce latency to the manipulated signal. The equalization curve is calculated based on all the parameters of all the active bands as a cubic B├ęzier spline curve in the hybrid linear-logarithmic gain/logarithmic frequency domain. The curve is composed of segments, each segment starting from a band control point (E) and going up to the next control point in frequency, and is shaped by the position of these points as well as their slopes which define the angle of the tangent at the band control point.

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Download VST AU effect and presets: SplineEQ EQ

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