VST AU RTAS channel strip for guitar and bass – Torpedo PI-FREE Mac – Windows

Torpedo PI-FREE is a channel strip plug-in for bass and guitar based on Two Notes’ flagship model, Torpedo PI-101, but only features 1 model of power amp simulation (EL34 / AB class), 1 speaker cab (based on a Marshall 4×12) and 1 type of microphone (based on a Shure SM57).

Post FX includes: Low-cut filter, 5-band EQ, Exciter, Compressor. Advanced algorithm based on convolution processing. Ultra low latency audio processing.
The Torpedo technology allows you tovirtually move the microphone in front of the speaker cabinet (as you would in a real recording room) – simulate the sound of a hard driven speaker.

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Download: Torpedo PI-FREE speaker miking simulator

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