VST Dynamics – Compressor / Limiter plugin download – TLs Pocket Limiter

Stereo compressor and brickwall limiter.

Adjustable input gain between -40db to 40db
Adjustable Knee from 0% to 100 % to keep limiting distortion at a minimum
“IQ” mode to get a more “intelligent” Knee release.
Stereo Link mode button to preserve stereo field.

Plugin Latency: 40 samples at 44.1khz
supported samplerates: 44.1khz – 192khz

What to expect:

Up to ca 6db cou kan get very transparent results (if you got some dynamics to spare that is..)
where you donĀ“t need to add too much knee.
The harder you push equals more knee if you want to avoid heavy distortion.
Simple operation with superb results straight out of the “pocket” !

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Download: TLs Pocket Limiter Dynamics (Compressor / Limiter)

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