VST mastering audio plugin download – CS12M Master Channel Strip EQ NY Compressor Saturator

C12M is a Master Channel Strip plug-in.

Main Features:
Left/right phase invert.
Phase meter.
12 Graphic bands.
9 Q settings.
MS Processor + 3 band Eq.
Clipper + drive.
NY compressor (soft/hard)+ Knock.
Tape saturator.
Low-High Exciters.
EQ 12-6 dB switch.
Output 12-6 dB switch.
23 presets.
In-out meters + peakhold. Meters on/off.
Doubleclick on faders resets.
HQ engine – multicore support.
Stereo doubler.
Lopass, Hipass.
Punch mode.

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Download: CS12M Master Channel Strip EQ

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