VST Modern Plugins download – Free Eq Compressor Expander De-Esser Exciter Limiter and Spacer

Antress Modern Plugins is a bundle consisting of 24 free VST effect plug-ins with a unique and characteristic sound for Windows.
All Plugin List:

Modern Amplifier
Modern Analoguer
Modern Apophis
Modern BlackDragon
Modern Compressor
Modern ConsoleEQ
Modern Deathcore
Modern DeepPurple
Modern DeEsser
Modern DynaKiller
Modern Equalizer
Modern Exciter
Modern Expander
Modern FireChainer
Modern FlashVerb
Modern Limiter
Modern LostAngel
Modern Monoizer
Modern PoloKiller
Modern Premier
Modern SeventhSign
Modern Spacer
Modern Splitter
Modern Vacuumer

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Download (24,5 Mb): Modern Plugins Bundle

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