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CD DUPLICATION DiscJuggler review

DiscJuggler is a product from Padus Incorporated, a Silicon Valley company specialized in developing software for management, duplication and storage of data on optical disks.
Here are the details about this software (version 4.5).
It can manage/duplicate these formats:
CD-DA,CD+G (for Karaoke),CD-ROM,CD-XA,CD+/Enhanced CD Mixed Mode,
VideoCD,Super VideoCD,PhotoCD,Multi-session CD,DVD-ROM,DVD-Video,DVD-Audio.
Using an independent "layer APSI", Discjuggler can write CD Track/Session/Disc/RAW Disc and DVD Session/Disc in "At-Once" mode, it supports CD-TEXT, CDDB, multiple indexes with variable gaps, DAE high velocity extraction.
It do on-the-fly conversion to and from CD-TEXT, ID3 tags, and Windows Media tags, on-the-fly high speed compression and decompression of MP3 and WMA audio streams .
D.J. supports all CD-R/RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/RW, and DVD+RW modern drive (SCSI and ATAPI), supports IEEE-1394/Firewire and USB, BURN-Proof and JustLink tecnologies, simultaneous mastering on several drives, and even CD/DVD printers.
From version 4, it has been introduced the Padus Network Service, that allows to any computer in a lan to share
one or more cd/dvd writers.
Definitely one of the best sofware for duplication, and it's very easy to use.
Demo version is fully featured, but limited to 1x write speed with one writer at a capacity no higher than 700Mb.