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DJ Maurice Noah

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DJ Karma & Niki-X
Slip and Slide RMX 2005
for all italodance lovers!

In this section of we'd like to review the music we are listening to.

30/10/2005 added Depeche Mode - Playing the angel
All I ever wanted \ All I ever needed \ Is a good distortion tool!!!
Here's "Playing the Angel" the last work from one of the most popular "electro-pop" band, Depeche Mode...[continue]

18/10/2005 added Royksopp - The understanding
From the far north of Europe, here you are another chant,  sung by the cold wind and played by the hard ice covering in silver all the land.
The new sirens singing from an Iceberg in the Nothern Sea, made their new work rising from the ice-cold sea to our european ears.
I'm talking about Royksopp, who gave us their new work by the non-sense title of "The Understanding"...[continue]