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Everybody needs a bassline!

The TB-303 is a synthesizer which features a sequencer designed by Tadao Kikumoto for Roland Corporation in 1982 that had a prominent role in the development of electronic music.
The TB 303 machine is based on single oscillator (sawtooth/square wave), a basic envelope generator with only the decay, and a lowpass filter (controlled by cutoff freq and resonance)
It sold about 20.000 units and was discountinued after only 2 years. The original purpose infact was for bass accompaiment of guitarist who wants to practise when they were alone...
Discovered again from producers and djs in late 80s, it acquired a cult status.
It can produce that "acid sound", as it permits to change the filter cutoff frequency of the emitted sound, its filter resonance, its envelope and also permits the control of the accent.
The sequencer is programmable in step mode.

Well, there are tons of vst instruments that have all kinds of tb-303 sounds.
If you're looking for "dedicate" emulation on PC and MAC platform for cubase or vst compatible host, at the moment we know of 3 very good ones (2 very cheap and one free!), plus above you'll find our favourite plugin, that is not really for cubase but it's developed for Pulsar Scope Platform (a Dsp system we extensively use for our productions).

Audiorealism Bassline is the emulation of this legendary synth machine that sound as good as the real one choosen by well-known trance artists such as Kai Tracid and BT (Brian Transeau).

Audiorealism Bassline specifications:
1 VCO, 1 VCF, 1 VCA
64 bit aliasing free synthesis
Authentic Bass Line emulation
Internal step sequencer with 128 patterns
Full Midi CC control (include learning function)
18dB (classic emulation) or 24dB/Octave selectable filter
Analog tuning mode
Integrated distortion unit
High pass filter (low cut)
Rebirth pattern import
Freebee pattern import/export
Two Midi modes (Pattern or Note)
Midi Output (for hosts that accept Midi)
Sample accurate sync to VST host

PC, MAC OS X - VSTi / Audiounit (AU), it costs 95euro.

PC Demo here. OSX Demo here. (Vst demos)

If you love the 303 sounds there is also another very good emulation vst plugin called Muon Tau 2.
This one is very cheap (20$)
A fully functional demo can be downloaded here.

Want to spend less? For a lot of people Propellerheads Rebirth 2.0 features the best 303 emulation.
(It's also a Roland 808 and a TR909 emulation, 2 other great vintage machines, dedicated to drum synthesizing).
It's a standalone software, so not a VSTi, but you can use rewire to link Rebirth to Cubase.
And the best thing it has been discontinued by Propellerheads, it's now avalaible at
rebirthmuseum for free! And with a lot of mods (new graphic interfaces and innovative sample sets) and addons
like Pattern Master (to program Rebirth using a simpler piano roll view) and ReNovator for creating your own mood.
The sound quality is still excellent, so it well worths the download, which is more than 500Mb, as it's include all the RB-338 CD-Rom files.

If you're on Pulsar Scope Platform, you can't miss three-o-three by Orbitone tb303 emulator.

We used ourself this little free pulsar device on our remix of Mistral by WarpKidz. Lots of fun assured.
You can still find this freeware here with midi file and instructions.