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little tutorial : how to do this audio format conversion for free
  • download Winamp (at, which we're going to use as audio converter. It is free and by the way is really one of our favourite pc mp3 players, through which you can play also all music downloaded by MusicNow, BuyMusic or ;)
  • Open Winamp. Use Menu and go to: Options / Preferences (You can also press Ctrl+P)
  • In Preferences you will see the section Plug-ins (left area). Select: Output
  • Now, in the right area select Nullsoft Disk Writer Plug-in
  • Click Configure (in the right area at the bottom)
  • In the new window (Nullsoft Disk Writer Plug-in Configuration) fill the Output directory attribute, that is, obviously, the place where your wav file will be created
  • Click and check: Convert to format
  • Control that just down Convert to format there should be written: PCM 44.100 Khz, 16 bit, stereo. Click OK
  • In the Preferences window click Close
  • Now open the Mp3 you want to convert in Winamp and press Play. You won't hear any music, then go to the Output directory you previously chose to find the Wav file
  • Remember to re-select DirectSound output or WaveOut in the Preferences/Plug-Ins/Output or you will not able to hear the music through Winamp
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