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KORG Wavestation vst instrument review

I think everyone throughout the world who can even put
together a couple of notes on a PC, tried at least once to
recreate that boosty-low-freq sound heard on "Dolby
Sorround" logo before a movie...I bet a lot of people spent
their lives wondering what kind of instrument had been
synthetised...when I was younger there used to be different
"Phylosophical Areas", arguing about that, swinging from "a
very big and low horn" and "a dull and mischiviuos string
pulled by a bull on a Hymalayan mountain". And here you
are Korg Wavestation, the answer which tells you"hey, just
forget it and play me!". 484 waveforms, 55 fx from
wavestation  series (yeah, the same wavestation owned
the keyboard universe in the early 90's), 32 digital
oscillators, 32 filters, 64 3-D LFO which completelly
recreate that changy and plastic sound used to amaze our
ears in those years. As I approach an action movie
soundtrack, I allways trust on it especially for low freqs
sounds. There's nothing better than a "OOOOOOOOHHHH"
to texture an action soundtrack...quite good strings
sections, as you need a texture one. Not so reliable if you
are looking for something more "classical-style".

A little demodé as it comes to synths, very useful though if you are looking
for atmosphere to be created! Alas, drums sections really
suck, in 2005 too clean drums really bring me in mind all
those karaoke pubs in which a jerk tries to make howl some
other jerks!The really good point is FX generation...You
have so many effects to create and edit, you even have a
joystick on your left to operate on every single waveform
you won't get off your seat for years!!!What is more you
can even create wavesequence to control the waveform in
time, creating those atmospheres which could fit a lot of
music-styles!In the end, just beware of basses, some of
them features a really ughly-80's-style chorus so, if I can
give you an advice, avoid it, even though you are George
Michael in a really bad mood from Wham!!All in all this
plug-in is really funny and useful to create soundtracks and
to arrange strings in pop-rock music, maybe a little
"out-to-date" for electronic you are approaching it,
just get ready to lose a lot of time browsing through the huge group
of synths and FX and even more time to edit them, as it's so
simple, even my cat does!!So...don't forget to have an idea
of whatcha gonna do before turning it on!

Korg wavestation vst instrument from korg legacy collection review by
Nicola "Uzless-N" Pilotto

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