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softsynths in vst format for cubase - vsti

Big Tick Cheeze Machine
This vst plugin, fully midi-controlled, emulates the classic string ensemble sound, made popular by such classic synths as the Crumar Performer or the Arp Solina. Cheeze Machine generates sound by feeding a simple, saw-like waveform, into a chorus ensemble emulator, a 6-stages phaser, and a reverb.

Big Tick Ticky Clav

This plugin emulates the ultra-funky sound of the Hohner Clavinet, forever associated with Stevie Wonder's "Superstition".

The synth engine is based on a physical modeling algorithm, faithfully reproducing the strings vibration and the 2 pickups of the Clavinet Model C. Special attention has been given to reproduce the non-linear interferences in strings decay, for an even more realistic sound. The characteristic "click" sound on key release is also emulated.

A built-in wah-wah effect with selectable manual/autowah mode is also included.

Crazy Diamonds
Do you remember this certain song with a similar name? Did you ever wonder which instrument Pink Floyd used in it? Did you wait for a plugin simulation? For the time being this is the closest you will get with a VST plugin. Shine on!

Delay Lama

Delay Lama is the first VST-instrument to offer both vocal synthesis and a real-time animated 3D interface. Its advanced monophonic vocal synthesis engine enables your computer to sound just like an Eastern monk, with real-time, high resolution control over the vowel sound. What's more, the plug-in window displays a 3D animation of a singing monk, that reacts directly to your input!

Organ simulation made with Synthedit.

Green Oak Cryst
Crystal is a semi-modular synth featuring both subtractive synthesis and frequency modulation (FM) synthesis. It offers abundant modulation control with over 80 parameters which may be modulated, multi-stage envelopes with graphical editors, extensive tempo sync of envelopes/lfo rates/delay times, built-in effects for chorus/flanging/comb filtering/echoes, and a band splitter for effects processing by frequency band.

Iblit is a monophonic VST 2.0 compatible software synthesizer for PC.
The oscillator waveforms are generated using BLITs (Band Limited Impulse Train)
which gives oscillators with very low aliasing.

LinPlug Free Alpha

The FreeAlpha features a subtractive design with special attention being paid to recreating the warmth and feel typically found in early-1980s analog synthesizers within the most modern music production environment.

VST2 virtual drum sampler with 48 channels, 64 voices (stereo or mono), 4 stereo outputs. Compatible with 8/16 Bit WAV/AIFF samples.

mda ePiano
reproduces a Rhodes piano. 1-32 voices, tremolo.

mda JX10
Little but good sounding 2-osc synth

mda Piano
Nice piano simulation with 32 voice polyphony.

REXplayer with ADSR Amp envelope, resonant 2-Pole filters and the possibility of extracting MIDIfile from the groove.

Quantum 64
Quantum 64 is a harsh and aliased digital synth with single DCO
and multimode filter. It is inspired by Commodore 64's SID
soundchip but it definitely is no emulation. The two special
ingredients that make the soul of Quantum 64 are the arpeggiator
and the degrader/quantiser unit.   

reFX Claw

One oscillator. Pulsating basses or cutting Leads - Claw is flexible and offers a pressureful, penetratable sound, which satisfies your needs. Claw - accept the challenge and let nothing frighten you anymore!

SampleTank Free
A fully working version of IK multimedia sampler SampleTank® 2 able to play a range of free instruments.

Synth 1

Amazing 2 oscillators synth with arpeggiator.
Simply one of the best free VSTi's.

Superwave Superwave P8
Subtractive synthesis, vintage analog sound with 7 waves per voice. Another must have.

Tobybear Screamer, Helios, Borderliner, 4 seasons

Screamer is a little synthesizer that resembles a legendary TB-303 in sound and features. A rather simple sound generation (VCO), a lowpass filter (VCF) and envelope decay control (VCA), together with a 16-step sequencer are the basis for this plugin.

Helios is a little sampler unit, intended to explore the more creative side of sampling and not really meant to replace full-fledged samplers. Rather regard it as a fun and wicked live performance tool :-) It can load a single WAV file and tweak it live in realtime to produce some really strange sounds.

Four Seasons is a rather simple experimental
synthesizer that allows you to draw the oscillator wave form with the mouse on screen. Envelope control and some filters/effects are also included.

Borderliner is an attempt to break away from the normal synths available, providing you with a partly colour based interface. Mixing the black and white oscillator sections generates sounds that can be heavily processed by the color effect boxes.
Add envelope and gain control as well as an LFO and you have a simple but different sounding and looking synthesizer that can make some really weird sounds!

Triangle II
Monophonic synthesizer, really great for bass sounds.

Three-channel drawbar instrument