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Pioneer CDJ200 CDJ 200

If you're looking to your budget but still want high quality, the new Pioneer CDJ200 is a very affordable CD player with some innovative features.
This is a great step beyond the features of his old brother CDJ100, as CDJ200 implements full MP3 playback, hot and beat loop and the possibility, through the "loop cutter" button, to create loops inside loops, ad libitum.
Moreover there is now an Auto BPM counter, the opportunity to set the pitch tempo range (+-6, +-10, +-16), an Headphone Out with volume control (so you can monitor the CDJ even without a mixer or amp) and a Digital Out.
The CDJ 200 has an MP3 file and folder search function and will scroll the album name, artist and current track on its dot-matrix display.
The Jog Wheel., enlightened in blue when you insert a disc, as usual can speed up or slow down the track, can be used to manually set and tune cue points or to control one of the 3 effects (Wah, Zip, Jet, yes the same fx of the 100).
Another really useful function implemented is the Resume function: if you eject the disc accidentally (too many beers, man?), re-inserting the CD will do the CDJ play from exactly the point where it stopped.
Highly recommended to anyone just starting out as this Pioneer is really easy to use, ok it doesn't have the "vinyl mode" like CDJ800/CDJ1000, but with all the other innovations you won't definitely miss this mode of use.
Dimensions (H x W x D): 292 x 216 x 99,5 mm.
Weight: 3,2 Kg.