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DJ Karma & Niki-X
Slip and Slide RMX 2005
for all italodance lovers!

Nicola Uzless-N Pilotto is a new collaborator and reviewer of
Music composer, arranger, guitarist, a mind over music, a life spent in playing and listening everything could make a sound. From more than 13 years has grabbed little "ideas of songs" giving them a beautiful body and a meaning for people listening to it. He can work with all musical styles he can find, swinging from jazz to house, from Chill-Out to metal. He also composes soundtracks for documentaries and edits music and sounds in little movies or documetaries. At the age of 26  spends more time in working "for the music" than in anything else and loves telling himself "a music sculptor, carving off the bare notes and chords, a really good song".

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